8/27/2019 Net King's Call demo version 0.1.5

Hey all, this is our 2nd (late) update for the Net King's Call demo. We've made some quality of life updates which we believe will help make the game "move" faster and feel better. The list goes on as below:

  • Allied units can now move through each other on the Strategic Map. As long as the unit has movement points, it can move through its allies. They cannot stop on the same tile however.
  • Allied units can now move through allied units on the Battle Map. This time though, units can stop on the same tile.
  • If two units on the same tile in the Battle Map, and an attack targeting that tile were to hit, both units would get hit.
  • The UI is now updated to look a little bit more sleeker.
  • New background that doesn't hurt the eyes as much.
  • Health Value now located at the bottom of the units in the Battle Map.
  • Additional SFX implementation.
  • (WIP) Gamepad support for the Battle Map

We hope to continue working on Gamepad support in the future, as it is one of our most requested features. We'll also be working on more effects for when units are on the same tile in the Battle Map, to make it less uncanny. And of course, new unit models and buildings are on their way. 

If you'd like to contact us, you can send an email to anthony@greystonegames.com


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Aug 20, 2019

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